Knowledge Of IP Address

IP Address is a private IP address and such addresses can be used many times on the different networks.

One person can have one device on the network at the IP address and another person can have a different device on another network at the IP address, but neither of them can have two devices on the same network if both use the IP address.

It is also easy to set up wireless network on the router by accessing By clicking on the wireless settings on the control panel you can fill the form and password and connect the router from the laptop.

However knowing this address becomes particularly crucial while the new router is being set up or for troubleshooting a problem.

A router having an IP address of can connect to the address by opening the web browser and visiting the link With this one can gain access into the administrator console for the router and also check its configuration details. is a default IP address that is routinely used by router manufacturers such as Linksys, TP-LINK and Netgear.This address is also used for some other network brand routers.Since two devices on a network cannot share one IP address, this can create difficulties.

This is because two devices on one network cannot have the same IP address. So two individuals cannot have two devices using on the same network.

The set up wizard will also be able to detect computers that are already connected to the router.

Why Is A Private IP Address?

The private IP means that this IP address is being referred from the home computer only. is a private IP address because it can only be identified inside the network it is currently working in and not outside of it.

Private IP address ranges are considered non-routable. What does that mean? that private IP addresses cannot communicate on the Internet without the use of Network Address Translation (NAT).

Unlike other public IP addresses, which are unique for the entire web, the private IP can be repeated in different networks.